BC Track Provincials 2014

Walking into the Burnaby velodrome last Friday, the temperature dropped while my nerves soared! This past weekend was the BC Track Provincial champs and the second event in the BC Premier Track Championships after Trackfest 2.

I had signed up or all of the events and so, after warming up, the day opened with the Team Pursuit and Team Sprint. Teammate Clara Mackenzie and I rocked the sprint while our Team Pursuit team rode a solid ride. Sadly, there wasn't another u19 women's Team Pursuit team for a us to race against. It would be so cool to see more girls out at the track racing!

The morning also included a very aggressive Scratch race and an Individual Pursuit. The Scratch race had everyone constantly out of the saddle as attacks after attacks were launched. With three laps to go, I jumped, and got away to solo out the last 600 meters and win the Scratch race! I got the win and a PB in the Individual Pursuit, which I have been focusing on and getting used to riding in the time trial position. My time ended up at 2 min and 45sec!!

Individual Pursuit
Photo By: Pete Whalen

After a break, we were back on the track that evening where I got a PB also in my Flying 200m- 13.367 sec!! The Flying 200 was the first race in the Sprint Omnium, so we then launched into the sprint tournament. They were some very mentally tough three races because of all the thinking and strategy they required. At only 3 laps, these races require fitness but just as important is how well you can out think your competitor- like a giant game of cat and mouse!

I was up against Rachel Carey (VIPYRS) for a best out of 3 tournament. She took the lead off the start and despite my attempts to make her jump early, she jumped hard with one lap to go and won. The following race, I played around for 1/2 a lap and then jumped and stayed away with 2 to go. We were tied, so it came down to the last race. We played around a bit for the first 1/2 lap, and then I jumped at the same time that she jumped, so I backed off and then jumped again with 1 1/2 laps to go and was just able to hold her off at the line! I ended up with the win for the Sprint Tournament, but there were still 2 races left to decide who won the omnium.

Last race of the night was the Elimination, where I held the front until everyone but Clara and I were eliminated. It came down to a two lap scratch race where Clara hung on my wheel and then got me at the line.

A goodnights sleep and then up early to make it to the track for day 2 of racing! The morning opened with a Flying 200 where I got 2nd behind Clara which tied us for the Endurance Omnium. I got a PB of 39.5 sec in the 500 meter tt but not as fast as Rachels time, so I was also tied for first in the Sprint Omnium! The last races of the evening carried a ton of weight on their shoulders as they were the deciding races for the Provincial titles.

The Points race was a 50 lap race with 5 sprints for points. I ended up with two of them and Clara with two, so it came down to the final sprint. We were all exhausted after two full days of racing and Kia Van der Vliet (Trail Bikes) constantly attacking off the front and the tiredness was starting to show. With a last push, Clara won the sprint with me hot on her heels at the line.

Photo by: Tammy Mackenzie

I won the Keirin with a final push on the last lap to come around Rachel Carey.

I ended up 2nd in the endurance omnium, but won the BC Premier Track Jersey. I also won the Provincial champs Sprint Omnium jersey after a very fun and aggressive series of races. Great to see all of these solid girls out racing and I would love to see more!!

Thanks to Kelyn Akuna, Malcolm Faulkner, Galen Kehler, Cycling BC, all of the volunteers who made this race possible and run so smoothly!

Also, thanks always to Local Ride Racing, Cycles Lambert, Kicking Horse Coffee, Golden Ears Physio, Giant Bikes Canada, Power2Max and Cycling BC for the continuous support!

Rachel Carey and I.
BC Provincial Champ and BC Premier Track Champs winner

Maggie :)


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