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Cyclocross Nationals 2015!

Hello again!

Just got back from Winnipeg and have yet to unpack (ooops). Threw myself right back into reality as the morning we flew in (we woke up 4 am Winnipeg time) we were early enough for me to make it to second block at my high school... yay. Besides that, I had an AMAZING  time in Winnipeg at Cyclocross Nationals!

  We flew in on the Thursday morning, and since the racing didn't start until Saturday, my dad and I hit the gym at our hotel. Did some plyos and a bit of a jog- nothing too strenuous but just enough to make me feel good and keep the body moving! Friday, we woke up and had apparently brought the BC weather with us because it was POURING! All I could think about was the leftover mud for the next day, as we were not yet educated on Winnipegs fast drying, tacky river mud/clay! I rode the course, figured out some lines through the 3 sandpits and got to fly over the flyovers! After a delicious pizza dinner that we got lucky and were found a table despite the waitlist, …