Cyclocross Nationals 2015!

Hello again!

Just got back from Winnipeg and have yet to unpack (ooops). Threw myself right back into reality as the morning we flew in (we woke up 4 am Winnipeg time) we were early enough for me to make it to second block at my high school... yay. Besides that, I had an AMAZING  time in Winnipeg at Cyclocross Nationals!

Pre-race focus.... die cucumber ;D

Warm up swag under the not-so-warm sun

  We flew in on the Thursday morning, and since the racing didn't start until Saturday, my dad and I hit the gym at our hotel. Did some plyos and a bit of a jog- nothing too strenuous but just enough to make me feel good and keep the body moving! Friday, we woke up and had apparently brought the BC weather with us because it was POURING! All I could think about was the leftover mud for the next day, as we were not yet educated on Winnipegs fast drying, tacky river mud/clay! I rode the course, figured out some lines through the 3 sandpits and got to fly over the flyovers! After a delicious pizza dinner that we got lucky and were found a table despite the waitlist, we went down to the course to check out the night race and watch some fire dancers, which was super cool!

All smiles at the start :)

The next day, I got to sleep in since I didn't race until 3, then watched some pre race Say Yes to the Dress before heading down to check out the action. It was cool lining up with 10 strong u23 women for the Championship and I really hope that that category continues to grow! My goal going into the race was top 3 at the line, which punches my ticket to go to Worlds in January in Belgium! And guess what... I did it! The race got pretty spread out, with Ruby West having an awesome race and taking the win, then Dana Gilligan in second and me in third.  The reality that I will get to be part of the first u23/Junior Women's Cyclocross World Championships in Belgium (!) still hasn't really set in but I am sooo excited! Before the race, my dad instructed me that since he was going to turn 50 in January, he wanted his present to be to be able to go to Belgium and watch me race Worlds! Just over 2 months to go... time to start my prep!

Ooops.. (to the people behind me) 

L to R: Dana Gilligan, Ruby West, me. 3rd means Worlds!

My dad and I celebrated the success with virgin Margarita's and a steak dinner, and later, some Castle episodes (for me ;).

The following day, we woke up, I tried to do some homework while watching Bourne Identity, then we walked down to the race. Today, the elites and u23/juniors were all combined so there were almost 25 women in my race. I had a bad start position no thanks to the call ups, but followed some good wheels and was able to battle it out with three others over the 40 min. At the end, I pulled through and got 8th place! Top 10 was my goal, as it gave me some UCI points, and I achieved it! Which was especially great, considering how strong the field was (Mical Dyck, Sandra Walter, Maghalie Rochette etc.!). All in all, a great weekend with some exciting successes!

L to R: Ruby West, Sandra Walter, me, Mical Dyck, Meredith Miller
Post Elite Women's race

As always, I'd like to thank my sponsors Local Ride Racing, Colnago Canada, CODE Sports, Catlike Helmets, Power2Max, Cycles Lambert, Epoch Analytical, Epoch Environmental Consulting, Pacific Sport, Cycling BC and Jubilee Cycle for the continuous support!

Maggie :)


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