Post Gila Season Update

Hey there!

The short summary of my year so far: it has been a much better start to 2019 than 2018 was! I have won races, got my first sprinters jersey, stayed upright and have experienced a lot of self-growth.

The season started wayyy back in January. That's how long ago it feels now, so much has happened since- 13 airplane flights since, to be exact! My Cycling Canada development squad and I took on the Hong Kong Track World Cup over in, well, Hong Kong. As most races do, it had it's series of ups and downs, such as being pulled from the Team Pursuit line up for round 2 because I hit some blocks. A moment of complacency and it came back and bit me in the @$$. Later that week, Devaney Collier and I got to take on our first Madison together, and approached it with the goal of not losing a lap to the leaders. Despite a couple rough exchanges, that goal was achieved and we rode a ride that was difficult to be disappointed with. Last up for me was my first World Cup Omnium. Again…

Back on (the) Track

Hello beautiful people!

I have been pretty neglectful of my blog lately... so here will be my attempt to do a short recap of my year since my last blog after my crash in Copenhagen. For those of you who have read my other blogs you'll notice I'm not great at condensing content so this will be today's challenge to not write a novel (also to not use a million exclamation points... that one might be a bit far fetched)!

So the last chapter ended with me in the recovery process from my broken face and prepping for my first block of road racing in California. All in all, Chico and San Dimas Stage Races went much better than I would of guessed, especially considering my February endurance block kind of fell off the track (no pun intended). Following California, I hopped on a plane back to Quebec to meet my new Macogep-Argon18-Girondins p/p Mazda teammates. Do the whole team photoshoot, sponsor dinner, become instant friends and some serious bonding on a 26hr drive down to Arkansa…

January European Track Adventure

I can't believe it's already almost March! The past two months have blown by, but everyday has been so full and impactful that I could probably relate every single event of every single one of the past 51 days from memory.

My last blog post ended with me sitting in the small air bnb in beautiful Gent, Belgium, just days out of competition. By the end of that week, I had resurrected my jump and bunch racing legs and was race ready!

The first day of the Belgian International TrackMeeting consisted of a Points Race, where I rode a safe race, but needed to have more confidence in my abilities and trust that I had great form to do better than the 9th place I ended up with.

That night we put together a last minute Madison pairing of Chiara Consonni (ITA) and I and we dove right into the race with our first ever exchange being on lap 2. Probably one of the sketchiest Madisons I've ever done but we got through it, not missing an exchange and finishing on the same lap as the main b…

Happy New Year Part 2


I spent the last couple weeks of September in Belgium training with another Canadian junior, Michael Foley, who went to Track Worlds and was going to Road Worlds as well and his coach, Canadian cycling hero Steve Bauer! Michael and I then country hopped up to Bergen, Norway to join team Canada. First of all, let me express how freaking beautiful Norway is! A beautiful country, very similar to the West Coast of Canada (except, believe it or not, wetter!) with an adoration for my least favourite food, salmon. In fact, the World Championship numbers even had a picture of cooked salmon on them! Maybe that was the start of my unlucky World Champs road race...

Race day was a little hectic with one of us 4 junior girls crashing on the way over to sign on, us all getting split up, getting minimal warm up and of course, being Canadian, a back row call up. As soon as that whistle blew, I knew my body was going to hate the day. I am still not sure if it was something I ate that morn…