Cyclocross Provincials

Last Monday we took the ferry (yet again!) over to Nanaimo for Cyclocross Provincials. After meeting up with team and a good sob after hitting a raccoon, we piled into the van, hit the ferry and made it to the race with 40 min before the start of the u17 women (race #1 for me). It was just enough time for me to do a lap of the fast, dry and hilly cross course. I knew it pretty well as it was the same course as last year. It was finally time to go, and I got the hole shot right off the start and was able to hold it throughout the 3 lap race. After three laps of running up 50 stairs, a couple of hills and battling through two sand pits, I knew the course like the back of my hand, and was ready to race the Elite Women's race with 16 other women!

 I had around 2 hours in between my races to have a waffle and heckle on the other riders, but eventually, it was that time again and this time, it was pouring with rain. After warming up on the trainer to some good tunes, and jogging around with Sandra Walter, we lined up, already drenched with water,and were off! I had an awesome start and right away was working to stick with the lead group which consisted of Mical Dyck and Sandra Walter. The course was totally different this time around with muddy, slick corners. It caused me to crash only twice, which I felt wasn't bad for a course that you practically had to surf on! I chased and was being chased for the whole race, but grew more comfortable with finding the lines around the mud and picked up my pace as we neared the last lap. Finally we were on the bell lap, sprinting down the long stretch of pavement and carefully rounding the corners. One of the corners I took too sharp and got full on blown across the face with a branch that cut my lip open and had others wondering if I had stopped to put on lipstick! I came across the finish line as the 6th fastest Elite Women in BC and already the fastest u17!!

Post Elite Women's race. With my bloody lip, it looked like I got punched in the face!

We rocked the podium then packed everything up and raced to the ferry, only to have to wait for three boats. Our team went out for dinner and were treated by an elderly couple paying for our bill! A happy Thanksgiving for sure! 

Ferry Line-ups

Thanks to Norm Thibault and all of the volunteers and commissaires who ran this race! 

Also, thanks always to Local Ride Racing, Cycles Lambert, Kicking Horse Coffee, Golden Ears Physio, Giant Bikes Canada, Power2Max and Cycling BC for the continuous support!

:) Maggie 


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