Burst Appendix 1 year update!!

Hey everyone!

Oh man does time fly by! It has been one year since my appendix and here's an update as to how this year has gone for me!

So after about two months in the hospital and missing school, I returned to my usual life, ahead in science class and completely caught up in everything else! I gained back the 20 pounds I lost very quickly, and started fitting my clothes again! I started out with some longer slower rides then, with the help of physio, everything was feeling good so I started racing at the end of the Springs Series just in time for the stage race! Most of my first races back (especially long, hard road races), I would finish the race with a killer stomach ache. It felt as if you have had the flu and ate something that gave you food poisoning as well. The stomach aches would last for usually 1 hour afterwards and would prohibit me from being able to walk. All it was was the scar tissue getting stretched or something, but man it hurt!

I did months of physio and massage therapy- building my core back up and getting my tight, still sensitive scar massaged to try to loosen up the scar tissue. Honestly, I was shocked at how quickly I was able to get back into racing form and almost right away was hanging in and racing with the cat. 1/2/3 women again!

Even to this day, though, whenever I get a cramp it is always on the right side where my appendix was! Other than that, I am totally normal again, and am racing the strongest I ever have.

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who showed me their love and support over those tough months! I really couldn't have recovered so quickly without you! :) Especially my parents and sisters, who spent hours and days at the hospital with me- even celebrated their birthdays there!

Maggie :)


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