Spring Series- Wix Brown Road Race

Hey!! Long time no blog ;p

So I got to race my new Colnago for the first time this past Sunday! I couldn't race Spring Series Saturday as I was at the Vancouver bike show and had the pleasure of meeting Colnago Canada Manager, Juli Dutil as well as Colnago's signature Ferrari! I also got to model some skin suits for CODE Sports!

Colnago's Juli Dutil, me and the Ferrari! 

Modelling CODE skin suits!

 Later on, I hit a dog that bolted out at me on my training ride and crashed, skinning my poor pinky :(. Sunday finally came around and brought with it my first race of the season!

The race went well, with me for most of it, staying in the top half of the pack. There was a really big B field with a half dozen women, and having them there just gave me more motivation to hang in the race. Although, with less than 1 lap to go, I got gaped on a corner and couldn't get back into the race. All in all, I found my first race and first B race to be pretty good and my new Colnago bike to be AWESOME!! It handled very well in the corners and was super responsive when I went to sprint, not to mention how sweet it looked with its high-vis highlights!!

First race on my new Colnago!
Photo credits to Richard Wooles 

Later that day, it was also great to be able to download and view my data on my new Power2Max!!

I'd like to thank my new and returning sponsors Local Ride Racing, Colnago Canada, CODE Sports, Catlike Helmets, Power2Max, Cycles Lambert, Pacific Sport and Cycling BC for the continuous support! I look forward to an awesome race season ahead!

Until next week,

Maggie :)


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