Burst Appendix (2013-2014)

I never want to have to experience that again! Well.. duh! I only have one appendix! Anyway, back in November, right as I was peeking for Cyclocross Nationals, I started feeling sick and my parents took me to the clinic. We thought I had a burst appendix because the pain was on the right side, but the doctor diagnosed me with just a bad stomach flu- I mean, there was a lot of sickness going around then.. but still. Apparently, "a girl with a burst appendix doesn't stand with her hands on her hips." Well, that was kind of my way of holding myself together!! I couldn't really eat or drink anything for the next few days and started losing weight fast! Eventually, we talked to a nurse on the phone, because my nausea was so bad, but he, again diagnosed me with the stomach flu! When I still didn't get better, we went to see our family doctor, who sent me to the hospital for blood tests and X-Rays (still thinking it was the flu), which didn't help diagnose me at all. Finally, a week after I started getting sick, I went to the hospital and got IV and ultrasounds. It was then that they figured out that I had a burst appendix. It had been burst for quite a few days, and I got put as high priority for surgery. A tube was put in my stomach to drain the infection and stuff. Five days after surgery, after losing almost 20 pounds, I had my first real meal, and two days after that, was sent home. I still wasn't quite right, though, and had to be sent back into hospital for more IV/Antibiotics to help finish fighting the infection. It was all so depressing. Although, I had a lot of visitors (and movies) to keep me occupied. My friends would also come in and hang out with me, not to mention, I had to practically re-teach myself how to walk. My disappointment at missing Cross Nationals was crazy!!

Christmas was pretty-low key (if you count hanging with 50 crazy relatives low-key) and just after New Years, I started getting sick and severely nauseous again. Back to the hospital for more X-Rays, to be monitored and put on strong anti-nausea pills. Home again, sick again, this time, taken to Children's Hospital. Put as high priority, more X-Rays, and then diagnosed with a partial bowel obstruction caused by the scar tissue from surgery. They prepared me for surgery, but in the meantime, stuck a tube down my nose to try to clear the obstruction. The odds for the tube to work weren't too high, but guess, what? Three depressing days later, and I was allowed to eat again! I had a PICC line put in, to help get me the nutrients I needed, and, after a week in hospital, I shocked the doctors by being well enough to go home! It took a lot of visualization and determination, but I got back to normal, and a week later, got the a-ok to start riding again!!! First time back on the bike, I felt really great, just lacking muscle.

 Now, almost three and a half months after surgery, I am riding, doing efforts feeling totally normal, and back up to my regular wait!!! Not to mention, I have a pretty awesome scar to show people!! Every now and then, I get stomach pains, but those are going to be around for a while still. The memories still haunt me, but I am better now and looking forward to racing over the next few weeks!

Thanks so much to everyone who showed me love and support during those tough few months!!! I could never had recovered so fast if it wasn't for you!!

Post Surgery

4th time in hospital- clearing a Partial Bowel Obstruction


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