Superweek 2014 Part 1

Here's Superweek Part 1! Better late than never!

Sooo... last year, Superweek was all about trying to finish a crit (which I didn't quite accomplish). Going into this years week of racing, I did not really know what to expect. I knew that I had definitely improved from last year, as I had finished 6th place in both of the high speed, cat. 1/2/3 Bastion Square Grand Prix and Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race crits. Yet, with all the big, powerful teams like Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies coming to race, I knew I was in for a sufferfest.

The first race I did was the MK Delta criterium. I had done continuous visualization before and during Superweek so I went in feeling fit and strong, both mentally and physically. I made sure I had great position at the start, and the race was off!! Every lap, there would be either accelerations or attacks on the hill, but no one was able to stay away. I took great corners and the whole time, I kept thinking, move up, move up! There were some attacks that went and I was able to get away with them! It was so exciting.. but we got caught. With ten laps to go, I knew I was going to finish my first Superweek race and couldn't contain my delight! I ended up 20th place in the sprint out of about 60 racers.

MK Delta Crit
Photo By: Pete Whalen
The next day, I went into the Brenco criterium with a little more confidence. I knew I had no excuse now but to finish! Really exciting detail of the evening, was that I got interviewed by Delta TV before my race!! The race went well, with me in the front at the start and working my hardest to follow wheels and move up during the race. Coming into the final corner, I had decent position going into the sprint (that's one thing I needed to work on, was positioning on the last 3 laps) and luckily took my corner tighter than usual, because there was a big crash! I just managed to weave around the riders and sprint for 9th place!

Brenco Crit
Photo By: Pete Whalen

I couldn't race the Delta Road Race, as I am too young to race a UCI event.

But, unlike the other riders, I got to race out at the Mission Raceway on Monday for the Youth Criterium Provincials. It was fun and very aggressive being able to race against other youth around my age, both boys and girls!

Next up was the UBC Grand Prix p/b Mahony and Sons. This was the first race which I did last year and only lasted 15 minutes in. I started this year with the goal to finish it, of course, and make the break that I was fairly sure would go.

I was the BC Premier  Road Series Youth Winner!
UBC Grand Prix

I started out with good, thought out positioning and clipped in right away (yay!- I had been practicing :) I maintained good positioning in the main field despite the 180 degree turn with a standing-start-like sprint out of it every time around!! I missed the break though, and fought so hard to stay in the main pack where I was finally dropped and pulled with 5 laps to go. But I lasted longer than last year and still rode a good race.

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